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Historic Godmother’s Saloon located in the heart of San Pedro Est.1963

Owner Sanda Marchioli worked at Godmother’s for 5 years before purchasing it in 2013 from the original owners, the Bagliazo family, where Godmother Ruth tended the bar. It used to open at 6am so that the longshoremen could have coffee and a shot of whiskey.


A local of San Pedro, Sandy is a culinary master who grows her own food and keeps a family of chickens to whom she refers as her “ladies” on her property. The chickens have become staff members at Godmother’s since Sandy was introduced to James Intveld, who serendipitously wanted to discuss starting a “Chicken Shit Raffle” at the bar on Sundays. 


The historic community locale has been transformed over the past few years as James and other supporters helped Sandy to update the stage and sound system. Touring acts and local bands alike come to play for the clientele of locals, tourists and music lovers.  


The authenticity of the original “dive bar” has not been lost in the remodeling. It remains a beloved meeting place for all to enjoy and retains the mystique of its early days.

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